Although an ordained minister, I do deliver mainly free ceremonies. I believe that freedom is a great gift that should be bestowed upon all.

I am not a great revolutionary or liberation fighter, but the freedom to choose whom we spend our lives with and the freedom to get married wherever and however we want, is an essential human right in my opinion.

I travel all over the world and marry people at unbelievable locations. One thing remains the same: the passion and love I meet everywhere.


I have been passionate about music all of my life and traveled to over 60 countries performing my music. I sing, play several saxophones and blues harp. During your ceremony I will sing your favourite love songs for you and at the cocktail party after I will perform lounge and jazz music on my tenor saxophone.

Upon request I can perform during your dinner as well.     


I do, of course, deliver weddings in conventional locations like town halls, churches and cathedrals.

It would be a joy for me to marry you in such a beautiful, traditional setting

Grand Occasions
Another option is of course to marry in settings 

like castles, palaces or grand hotels. 

I do travel worldwide for wedding ceremonies. 

Natural settings
I am happy to deliver your wedding on sandy shores, rocky mountains or even at sea or in the jungle. Nature is often a great inspiration for love.

Due to my extensive traveling experience I can be of assistance in finding the right location for you.


Freedom of Mind, Heart and Soul

About Me

Due to the different requirements and locations, costs are depended on too many factors to give a fixed list of prices here.

Within Europe prices range from €1.500 - €3.500.- plus travel expenses.

Prices include, ceremony, cocktail hours, meetings and Skype/Facetime calls.

Outside Europe prices vary per continent and country.  Contact me for a free quote.   

Love can be expressed so well through the languages of Passion and Music.


I can deliver your wedding ceremony in the following languages: English, German, Dutch, French and Italian.     

Just so you know who I am before we meet:

My name is Gerard Baron von Sachsen, I am a Dutch citizen living in Switzerland and married to a beautiful Swiss wife, my beloved Naomi. I have three children which are incredibly dear to me and am very passionate about music, poetry and the environment.

I also happen to lead a micronation called The Principality of Rheinbergen, or Fürstentum Rheinbergen. Rheinbergen is an environmentally conscious nation with a focus on the ecological issues of the river Rhine. We are also great patrons of the arts. In particular music and fine arts in the form of heraldry. Links to the website of Rheinbergen and to our family website you can find here and here.

Wedding-Man is a branch of Hotel-Artist.

The Wedding Man

Grand occasions or small settings.


It does not matter if you are getting married in the intimate surrounding of close friends and family,  or if you decided to make a 'grand affair' of your wedding. I am happy to come to you anywhere and will guide you safely through the always emotional hours before, during and after your ceremony.